A La Carte

Homemade Soup of the
Creamy Greencastle Seafood Chowder
Egg and Clonakilty Black Pudding with rocket salad
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms
Irish Brie, Basil and Parma Ham Brucetta
Seagulls and trawlers 

Main Courses
Traditional Breaded Chicken Maryland
Fusion Chicken
Chicken Curry
Garlic & Chorizo Parmesan Chicken
Warm Chicken and Bacon Salad 
6oz Sirloin Steak
10oz Sirloin Steak
Caramelised Steak
Surf & Turf
Baked Cajun Salmon
Monkfish in Cajun Batter
Pan Fried Monkfish & Smoked Bacon 
Pear & Walnut Tagliatelle      
Stuffed Peppers
Vegetarian Curry